About me and Requests

Hello there!
I’m Ana (my facebook is http://www.facebook.com/hana881216, be free to add me).

In my free time I will post here KPOP (and sometimes American pop and rock) ringtones and message tones for mobile phones… You can request for them, just tell me the name of the artist and the name of the song and I will make them when I have time…so be a little patient.

 If you like my ringtones and message tones please use them and spend a minute to comment them so I will know that they are useful, and I will continue with them.
Also, you’re free to tell me if some links aren’t working, just let me know and I  will replace them!

Youtube channel where you can hear ringtones and message tones is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmspwJZm3n2PqzP6-gYr2Aw, don’t forget to subscribe to it and be in time informed about new ringtones and message tones!

A Distant Melody facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/mydistantmelody, don’t forget to like it and be in time informed about new ringtones and message tones!

I need to say one more thing! Don’t use anything from this channel to gain money for your pocket. I really can’t stand that, and I will be informed about that just like last time.

Thank you for visiting!

God bless!~


73 thoughts on “About me and Requests”

  1. isap21 said:

    Just downloaded LEDapple’s Time is Up to use as my ringtone! Thanks!!!

  2. Hey hey~ Whenever you’re free and have the time, would you be able to make ringtones for PSY – Gangnam Style? Please and thank you~ Love your ringtones!!

  3. oh thank u verrrrrry much i cudn’t find z ringtones zat i want till now but i downloaded today oh i’m very grateful tnx

  4. Hello, Hana. is it possible to have G-Dragon’s ringtone?
    I’m in move with Crayon and That XX
    thank you. 🙂

  5. Hi cud u pls upload A-ble’s mystery ringtone?plsssssss

  6. Can you please reupload the following? The links aren’t working… 😛

    Lovey Dovey ringtone
    Sherlock ringtone
    My Way ringtone
    Ticket message tone
    Oh My God ringtone

  7. Can I request for the Exo-M ringtones, please? The links aren’t working anymore. It says the files are invaild or deleted 😦 I really ended up liking ringtone 2 so much.

  8. krosland said:

    hi,could you please make a ringtone of song from park boms predebut featuring ALONG MY WAY? the last chorus.. there are 3 i think.. 😀 the last chorus there are 2 verses .. please? 😀 thanks <33

  9. danielle said:

    can you do a ringtone for xia’s uncommitted please???

  10. hi, can you make tvxq-wrong number ringtone? love ur ringtones n fighting! ❤

  11. Hey Hi! When you have time can you make k.will Please Don’t… ringtones? please and thank you 🙂

  12. Hello! I love your blog! Thank you for making these ^_^ If it’s not to much to ask. Can you please make some message and ringtones for Younique’s Maxstep? I would be really thankful!

  13. Hi! Haha I really love your ringtones, they’re really well made! Thank you so much for taking time to make them. I was wondering if you could make a ringtone out of Block B’s ‘Mental Breaker’?

  14. hello. can i request APink – Bubibu ringtone and message tone. i want yookyung part at the beginning as my message tone. and can i request Infinite- The chaser? Thankyou so much! ^^

  15. …..first i want to say that i love your ringtones!,When you have time, could you make ringtones for Kim Sunggyu -60 seconds….Thank you!!!

  16. heyy theree , can i request a song. Infinite’s Wings please? ><

  17. and can you make more of infinite’s songs as well? it will be much appreciate >< but if only you have more time, can you make both? ringtones and message tones. cause i really do like your downloading page. thankk youu so muchhh =D

  18. Saik Hua said:

    Dear Hana, can I have Lee Hi 1234 ringtone? Thank you.

  19. can you make vixx on and on ringtone? i really want them. thanks 🙂

  20. can i request for mr.mr ringtone??
    who’s that girl & highway ^^
    thank u ^^

  21. hello, can i request again?? ^^
    i want request for speed – one day & it’s over ringtone ^^
    thank you ^.~

  22. Hey ! I want to resquet something … but it’s for instrumental ringtones and the dance part sound :s If it’s possible, here it’s my list :

    MAXSTEP (dance part of the end)
    SISTAR19 – Go Not Around.. (the dance parts and Hyorin high notes)
    BoA- Disturbance (instrumental of the chorus)
    SNSD – I got a boy (instrumental of the chorus)
    TVXQ – Humanoids (intrusmental of the chorus)

    I don’t know if you can do that but … 🙂

  23. hello 🙂 can you make message tone for Bora part in gone not around any longer? 🙂 thank you

  24. hello hana, may i request again?? 😦
    i want request for bap one shot daehyun part ^^
    thanks sista (n_n)

  25. CreamNa said:

    Hello 🙂 may I request Teen Top – Miss Right and Speed – It’s Over??

  26. Jessica loves U-Kiss said:

    REQUEST .✽:。(*。 ◕‿◕。)ノ♡

    OOOOOOO (๑>◡<๑) PRETTY PLEASE with sugar on top can you possible do 3 ringtones.

    U-Kiss – Alone 。.:*・゚♡

    U-Kiss – Standing Still ・:*:・゚☆ – " If possible the beginning of this song"♡

    U-Kiss – Cinderella .:*゚♪

    ..♩.¸¸♬´¯`♬.¸¸★ THANKS ★¸¸.♬´¯`♬¸¸.♩..

  27. kim ah in said:

    teen top – miss right ringtone please.. 😦

  28. Kimberly said:

    i’m just gonna put this right here. i’m downloading all your ringtones. it’s easy just to say it here then every single one. 🙂 just thought i’d let you know<3

  29. I didn’t know where to ask for a new link for one that wasn’t working so I guess I’ll ask here. Could I have a new link for f(x)’s Electric Shock Ringtone 2 and Message Tone 1?

  30. SaikHua said:

    Hello, Ana. May i request for Jay Park’s Joah? Thank you.

  31. Ana, I’d like to request BTOB – 2nd Confession. Thank you 🙂

  32. Hello~ when you have time, can you make a ringtone of Kim Sungkyu’s 41 Days?
    Gamsamnida~ ~

  33. Akeera said:

    Can you make ringtones for LC9 – Mama Beat if you have time? Thanks ^^ And thank you for all the ringtones! I really appreciate it

  34. Can you make ringtones for VIXX’s Light Up The Darkness if you have time? thank you, btw the ringtones you made are great!!:D

  35. Could you please do a ringtone of “Kimio” by CN Blue? (It’s a Japanese song) It’s not really well known which is why I can’t find a ringtone for it anywhere >< Thanks xxxx

  36. ameliafitr said:

    aaaa~~ finally i found web for download ringtone for kpop \(^,^)

    I want request
    2PM All Day I think Of You ( I want Junho part, kekekekekee)
    2PM Come Back When You Hear This Song
    MBLAQ Smoky GIrl
    MBLAQ Sexy Beat

    I want a shorter for chat in Blackberry Messenger 😀
    thankyou for your hardwork, 😉

  37. hanida said:

    Hi…can you make beast shadow ringtones..I want the chorus and yoseop part toward the end..thanks

  38. hanida said:

    Hi…can u make beast shadow ringtones. .I want the chorus and yoseob part toward the end. .thanks

  39. Brianna said:

    Hi can you do a B.A.P greteting ringtone? The “Uri B! AP! Yessir!”

  40. 신미선 said:

    Hi, can you make a ringtone for INFINITE’s DESTINY 🙂 thank yoi

  41. Hello friends!
    I want to tell all of you that I’m really sorry for abandoning this channel for so long!
    I hope you didn’t forget about me and my melodies because I will give you a lot of new ringtones and message tones in near future!

    This is our new youtube channel where you can hear everything-

    (don’t forget to subscribe to it),

    and our new facebook page where you can also download everything –

    (don’t forget to like it).

    Take care and God bless you all!~


  42. its olivia bae said:

    hi, can you make bae bae or/ and loser tones? (Bigbang)
    and thank you so much for making these tones. i feel so lucky finding your side.

  43. I would like to have ringtone “Orange Carmel Copycat” please TY

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